Split Ear Lobule Repair

Ear piercings are common among both men and women. However, after years of wearing heavy earrings earlobes usually elongate, or may sometimes split from trauma to the ear. Some people choose to put “gauge” i.e. spacers in their ears as a form of self-expression. This stretches the ear lobes and after a while the sides become thinner and have a tendency to split.

These changes can be repaired with a simple outpatient surgical procedure. The process begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Amit Bhalotia to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure and for him to tell you what exactly to expect.


  • The area to be treated is cleaned and sterilized and a local anesthetic is given.
  • Some of the normal skin is removed from the elongated hole or split and then sutures (stitches) are taken to bring the new edges together.
  • The site is then bandaged.
  • Depending on the size of the split and if one or both ears are treated, the procedure may take 15-40 minutes.

Specific Steps:

Stretched Hole Earlobe Repair 

  • Heavy earrings that pull on the earlobes can cause a stretched hole.
  • Treatment involves closing the hole completely, after removing the skin on the inside of the hole, so the tissue can reconnect and repair itself.
  • This procedure typically takes less than 15 minutes per ear
  • Once the stitches dissolve, re-piercing the ears is an option.

Gauged Earlobe Repair

  • A gauge or spacer can stretch the earlobes and in addition cause damage as the tissues become thinner.
  • The earlobe may be given a few days to shrink as much as possible without the spacer before undertaking the repair procedure.
  • Repairing the earlobe follows the same basic steps as repairing a stretched earlobe.
  • A few extra days to recover are recommended as the damaged tissues take longer to heal.
  • After the lobes are completely healed most can be re-pierced.

Split Earlobe Repair

  • Heavy earrings or pulling can result in complete split in the earlobe.
  • This injury may also be repaired by removing skin on the inside of the tear and reattaching tissue for a rejuvenated appearance of the lobe.
  • This procedure may involve excision of part of the lobule to correct the shape and may in addition give a ‘ear lift’.
  • Like other procedures to repair the earlobe, this surgery requires a few days of recovery time.
  • Once the stitches have dissolved and the ear is fully healed it can be re-pierced in most cases.

Recovery and Result

  • The sutures dissolve on their own by 1-2 weeks, so there is no need for an additional visit for suture removal.
  • The healing process depends upon the size of the spit and the exact procedure done.
  • After the ear lobule is completely healed which can take a few weeks to months, it is usually possible to re-pierce the same spot but with extra care to not stress it too much.

Ear lobe repair is a delicate procedure which needs to be performed by certified doctors or plastic surgeons. Improper procedure may result in deformed ear lobules which can be hard to reverse and may require even bigger procedures to correct.