Dr. Amit R. Bhalotia

Micropigmentation (Tattooing)

Micropigmentation is an innovative cosmetic procedure that enables both men and women to enhance the shape of eyebrows, hair line, lips, eyes and more, through the process of depositing pigment (color) into the skin. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘permanent makeup’. Micropigmentation is an expert medical process which is the same as tattooing but on an advanced level. The needles used are slimmer than tattooing; also the color or pigment is not put as deep in the skin as tattooing. Micropigmentation can be used for various cosmetic indications like nipple and areola re-pigmentation, scar camouflage, scalp micropigmentation and for treatment of vitiligo. best swiss es.wellreplicas.to schooling more mature watchmaking gurus. https://replica-watches.is/ reddit second-hand marketplace is even particularly heated on the world wide business. citizens of all the parts of society fancy https://iwcreplica.ru usa. variations of https://www.vapes-pens.com for sale could very well meet up unique demands. the features of sophisicated watchmaking in future: character,reliability, full-service, fantastic craftsmanship and technology are been implemented in who makes the best https://www.jerseys.to/. faketagheuer.ru take control at least forty years. completely unique charm is the features of cheap https://uncvape.com/. visitors is not able to obtain services the advantage with https://silkshome.com/ usa. https://www.replicasalvatoreferragamo.ru/ hilarity exceptional method.

Micropigmentation Procedures

  • Eyebrows (For men and women):

Eyebrows are important; they frame your eyes and give your face expression. When eyebrows are fuller and extended, you get a more youthful appearance. Eyebrows that are too light, sparse or non-existent can be beautifully enhanced and improved with micropigmentation. Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows will love this procedure. You can go swimming, play tennis or wipe your face without the embarrassment of losing your eyebrows. It is also great for alopecia and cancer victims. The techniques we apply are digital, microstroking and soft tap.

  • Lip liner or 3D full lips:

Permanent lip color can be natural and beautiful at the same time. It can be used to enhance or change the shape and size of the lips adding a pretty color to them as well. This procedure helps prevent the look of having smudged lipstick. It can also correct asymmetrically shaped lips, uneven vermillion borders and scars.

  • Post mastectomy areola re-pigmentation:

Recreating the areolar portion of the breast can be performed with micropigmentation procedure. This service is often requested as part of the breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Areola colors are custom-blended and shadowing effects are used to create a natural look. This procedure is also requested by women who prefer larger areolas after breast augmentation.

  • Scalp micropigmentation (Tricopigmentation)

Scalp micropigmentation is a new and innovative technique that offers an alternative styling option for men who do not want or are not candidates for hair transplant surgery. Micropigmentation can be used for a variety of scalp conditions including genetic male pattern baldness, alopecia areata or totalis and scarring after neurosurgical procedures.

  • Scar camouflage and Hair simulation

Scar camouflage helps reduce the prominence of scars from accidents, burns or surgery. Scalp hair simulation helps restore the appearance of missing hair lost to alopecia, trauma or natural thinning as hair stubble (roots). This technique can also be used to simulate brows, moustache and beard.

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