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Alopecia Treatment

Immune system is the body’s ability to fight bacteria or any foreign cells that come from outside the body. Alopecia is an immune system disorder (autoimmune disease) that causes over activity of the immune system which leads to the body attacking and damaging its own tissues.

Alopecia can cause clumps of hair to fall out from areas of the head (alopecia areata) or complete loss of all hair on the scalp (alopecia areata totalis).Alopecia areata cannot be cured, but it can be treated and hair can grow back.

Dr. Amit Bhalotia provides PRP (Platelate-Rich-Plasma) and Mesotherapy, as the main therapies for alopecia treatment.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)

PRP injections are a simple, cost effective and feasible treatment option for hair loss and overcoming the effects of alopecia areata.PRP is plasma (a component of blood)concentrated with a higher proportion of platelets,which is obtained from the patient’s own body and after processing, is injected into the areas where hair has fallen. These injections increase the nourishment provided to the hair roots as PRP is rich in growth factors. This makes the hair roots stronger and facilitates quicker hair growth. This treatment can also boost the hair quantity in the treated areas. Even though it’s exact mechanism is less known, the minimal risk associated and relatively low cost make it a promising treatment option for patients with thinning hair or hair loss.


Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment to aid in nourishing and hydrating the scalp with the help of an injection which regulates the proteins, vitamins and other micronutrient boosters in the scalp.It helps to cure baldness in both males and females by reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth and slowing male pattern baldness. This is a comparatively faster treatment than its counterparts as it helps to restore hormonal balance and gradually neutralizes the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone leading to accelerated growth of new hair strands.


  • The injecting of nutrient rich liquid is done in the middle layer ofthe scalp between the layer of fat and the tissue of the skin.
  • The complete treatment usually spans over 6-8 sessions, one every week.
  • One must be patient while taking this treatment as visible results are observed only after the fourth or fifth session.
  • Since the injected material contains vitamins, nutrients and other tissue friendly substances, this treatment is considered safe with no side effects or allergic reactions.
  • The patients that undergo this treatment experience no or minimal pain and least discomfort making it an easy solution.


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